Gelato in Italy, by Tillie

Gelato is ice-cream in Italian, but gelato is not the same as ice-cream. Gelato is thicker and softer and has less fat!  Also gelato comes in delicious fruity flavours. And it’s usually a lot better!

Some of my favourite flavours:

Lemon/Limone: Cool and icy and refreshing.

Strawberry/Fragola: Sweet and pretty and goes well with most flavours.

Hazelnut/Nocciola: Tastes like real hazelnut. Creamy and soft.

Chocolate/ Cioccolato: Rich and creamy and goes great with strawberry.

Now, almost every gelateria has its own unique flavour that I usually love, but these are some flavours that you will find everywhere.

This is me eating my gelato when I went to a slightly more fancy place. It was not as good and was slightly hard to order from – I ordered my gelato in a cone, for example, but they gave me a cup. I do not recommend going to those slab gelato places where they mix candy in. We only went there because my dad said it was okay and we wanted to try it for a change.

Speaking of gelaterias, here are some of the best places to go near my family’s apartment: 

Cinque: I have never had a bad flavour here and I have had some of my favourite cones here.

Gelateria Gracchi: There are so many flavours here. Although I have never had a bad flavour here, I have never had an amazing cone here either.

There is also this really good popsicle place, Steccolecco, which has the best popsicles I’ve ever had (my dad thinks they’re the best he’s ever had too and he is a picky frozen-dessert person).

The best times to get gelato:

After lunch, especially on hot days, and best of all is on evening passagiatas –an evening walk. Sometimes on passagiatas we see bats.

The way to tell real gelato from fake gelato:

When you look into gelaterias sometimes you see beautiful gelatos– bright blues, oranges, and sometimes they may have sauces and fruits on top. These may be beautiful, but they do not taste good. The gelato workers have focused on the looks of their gelato and not the pure quality. But when you see normal colours with nothing extra on-top, then you may go there. But do not fall for the looks of the bad gelato.

So now you have a sense of what gelato is like and where and when to get it!

This is Eva eating her gelato, which was exactly the same flavours as mine, on our evening passagiata. We both ordered a cone and we got cups.

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  1. Great post Tillie. Maybe you can take Max and Ava to your favourite gelato place when we visit you in Rome.

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  2. Ilana says:

    If only we’d had all this information before we came!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bubby HIldy says:

    I can’t wait to go on a gelato passagiata with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hope says:

    That’s a great guide to gelato in Rome! I’ll remember when I come!

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