We are a Victorian family of five (that is, we live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) spending 10 mos abroad in Rome. Come join us as we navigate the Eternal City & travel throughout Italy – and a little bit in Europe, too.

P.S.: That apartment building on the home page is our home in Rome, 3rd floor.

P.P.S: My friend Sue asked what the Stangerroo part is about. When Jordan and I decided to get married, we debated what to do with our last names. I was a Stanger, he was a Ross. We flirted with the idea of combining them, and came up with Stangeroo.  Ultimately we lacked the courage to create a surname that rhymed with kangaroo, but we kept it as a family nick-name.  So while officially we might be the Stanger-Ross family, unofficially we are all Stangeroos.